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Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association launches its new website

Article posted 7th November 2011
Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association launches its new website

A brand new website has been launched by Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association:

This is part of a new strategic marketing plan by the Squadron Association and has been compiled with the help of new partners representing the best in the field, and constructed with a renowned Warwick based web designer company called edge of the web.

Within the site is some stunning photography featuring the Harrier "jump jet" and provided by some of the UK’s leading professional aviation photographers.

The site includes a detailed history of the squadron’s past.

Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron - Overview

The Squadron can date its ancestry back to 1878 and the formation of a Royal Engineers Balloon Equipment Store, later No 1 Company of the Air Battalion of the Royal Engineers, equipped with airships and balloons.

Number 1 Squadron was formed on 13th May 1912 from No 1 Company RE as part of the newly established Royal Flying Corps, thus making it one of the oldest military flying squadrons in the world.

The battle honours it has since won reflect a rich history including the Western front 1914-18, Iraq 1921-26, Battle of France 1939-40, Battle of Britain 1940, Fortress Europe 1941-44, France and Germany 1944-45, the Falkland Islands 1982, Kosovo 1999 and Afghanistan 2009

The Squadron has operated some of the most iconic fighter aircraft in the world, including the Nieuport Scout, SE-5, Hawker Fury, Hurricane, Typhoon, Spitfire, Meteor, Hunter and the Harrier, the first and most successful VSTOL fighter in the history of military aviation...

Over the years the Squadron fought dog fights with the Red Baron and in the Battle of Britain, participated in the D-day landings and in Operation Market Garden (“a bridge too far”), shot down doodlebugs, helped pioneer the jet age and played a vital role in the Falklands, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Among its ranks have been some of the most famous, colourful and decorated pilots and ground crew in the annals of air warfare.

Darin Tudor, the newly appointed Honorary Marketing Manager for Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association, comments: "My role within the Association is to reach out and attract personnel of all ranks who have served with Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron to join us, become involved and to re-establish and maintain friendly contact. There will also be the potential to stimulate business relationships with their fellow members.

It's my aim to positively promote the Association in partnership with as many organisations and businesses as possible who can add genuine value in its development and aims.

The website is the basis for my strategic marketing plan and is thus of vital importance to the re-launched Association. I've been supported by ex-Squadron members and various commercial colleagues and the result is a professional website that the Association can be proud of. I encourage anyone who has served on or is interested in No 1 (Fighter) Squadron, or the many types of aircraft is has operated, to visit the site and you will not be disappointed".

In Omnibus Princeps – First in all Things

Number 1 in history: 100 years in the making, the oldest military air squadron in the world, Number 1 in innovation: At the heart of the most Iconic, cutting edge fighter aircraft in the world.

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