Welcome to the Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association


The association membership consists of current and previous aircrew and groundcrew of the Squadron; anyone who has served or is serving on the squadron is eligible to join. Contact details can be found on the contacts page.

If you have served or are serving on the squadron then you can be part of its future. By joining the Association you will have the opportunity to meet old friends; to make new ones, and to exchange stories.

You can get lifetime membership of the Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association for a single one-off fee, so join up today.

Our History


Many fascinating events have happed over the past 100 years of Number 1 Squadron.

Read our history and discover the links with the Red Baron, Hermann Goering, Shirley Bassey, Max Bygraves, Diana Princess of Wales, Hollywood, Winston Churchill and the Great Escape.

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Why join the Association?
Become involved and to re-establish and maintain friendly contact. There will also be the potential to stimulate business relationships with your fellow members. Add a real positive value to the Association's development and aims.

Membership criteria:  All Applicants must have served on No. 1 (Fighter) Squadron.

If you are or have been a member of the Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron, why not join the official Squadron Association?

Simply sign up today and get access to news and events for members, as well as the opportunity to get back in touch with old friends and find new ones.