Darin Tudor - Honorary Marketing Manager

darin tudor

Darin served in the RAF for 10 years and 4 of these were within Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron (1984-88) as part of both the flight line and ground rectification/maintenance teams, he has now spent 25 years in the commercial world mainly in the sales and marketing field of both products and services, (combined sales to date £1/2 Billion) and now run his own business training and developing companies to increase their sales profits and volumes.

His role within the Association is to reach out and attract service personnel who are serving or ex-servicemen or servicewomen who have served within Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron, to join us, become involved then to encourage them to re-establish and maintain friendly contact and stimulate potential business relationships with their fellow members.

In addition to positively promote the Association in partnership with as many organizations and businesses as possible who can add genuine value in its development and aims.

I can be contacted on...

Mobile: 07521 089212

E mail: darin.tudor@googlemail.com

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